The ASSE International Evaluation Services program allows for companies who are looking for better acceptance in the marketplace by way of a recognized 3rd-party certification body. Even with traditional certification programs, the product may not be fully understood.

An evaluation report is a technical sales tool that targets plumbing designers and inspectors to explain your product's compliance with current codes and standards.

ASSE's goal is to help facilitate product confidence regarding:

  • Where and how the product shall be installed
  • How the product complies with model codes and standards, with references
  • What the limitations of use are
  • Specific items that need 3rd-party explanation and validation as required by the customer

All Evaluation Reports are reviewed by a host of experts with knowledge of the UPC and IPC plumbing codes as well as product standards from ASSE, ASME, CSA, NSF, and others. Our group reviews the files on a regular basis to ensure to the public that the report is applicable to the current design state of the product.

If you are interested in utilizing this technical sales tool to help give your customers confidence in your product, contact ASSE Evaluation Services at es@asse-plumbing.org.